Full name

Mark David Shaw


3D Asset / Environment Designer


Kingston upon Hull, GB


I am a student, aspiring to be an asset designer, Interested in games and anime.


I am a graduate of a BA (Hons) in Games Design. My primary focuses are around the creation of 3D assets and props for placement in environmental settings within video games. However, I have a passion for learning new software relating to the production of games and animation.

My skill sets have enabled me to look at working in various other industries. Additionally I have volunteered my time at a local architects firm over the past summer period, which demonstrated that my skills were adaptable in this area and had the potential for further application.


3D Modeling Duties (Volunteer)

Architectural Design Partners

Kingston upon Hull, GB · July 2014 – September 2014

I learnt how to use Autodesk CAD and implemented these skills to trace maps and start outlines for projects that would be developed further down the line by the rest of the team. This would allow the project to move much faster and not loose time creating the basic shape of the building. Additionally I worked on the creation of 3D models based on the floor plans I was given using Google Sketchup. This allowed the customer to gain better insight into the space that would be created.

PA Duties (Modern Apprentice)

Planning, Hull City Council

Kingston upon Hull, GB · September 2008 – October 2009

I answered the telephone for planning policy department and took accurate messages for my colleagues and/or passed them on to the appropriate person for the enquiry. I helped at the Hull Development Framework Forum events as a conference assistant signing people in and giving them directions. I conducted a survey of retail premises and constructed a Database for the Hull Access guide. Additionally I checked the draft was correct while also highlighting any errors. I used Uniform to generate cavity wall applications and completion certificates for Building Control; I also did scanning/indexing (for Building Control and Development Control), filing, photocopying, bind documents, book rail tickets, log in post, log Annual and Flexi leave into Microsoft Access and other general admin duties.

AutoDesk 3D Modeling (Work Experience)

Logan Teleflex

Kingston upon Hull, GB · October 2007 – October 2007

I designed models on AutoDesk Inventor 2008-Network version and was given an excellent reference.


BA Hons Game Design

University of Lincoln

Kingston upon Hull, GB · 2012 – 2015

Classification: Upper Second Class Honours (2:1)

BTEC 3D Art & Design

Hull College, Park Street

Kingston upon Hull, GB · 2010 – 2012

Grade: Distinction, Distinction, Merit

2014 Illustrative Art Exhibition 2014 (Group), Creative & Cultural Gallery (Princes Quay), Kingston upon Hull, GB
Displayed Paragons Past at the Illustrative Art Exhibition on 1st August.
2014 Platform 2014 (Group), Platform 2014, Kingston upon Hull, GB
Displayed Paragons Past at Platform 2014 on the 14th November.
2014 UCAS Event 2014 (Group), Manchester Convention Centre, Manchester, GB
Displayed Paragons Past at the UCAS event on the 24th & 25th November.
2014 Paragons Past (Group), Hull History Centre, Kingston upon Hull, GB
Displayed at the Hull History Centre on the 4th & 11th – 13th September.
2014 Paragons Past (Group), Prospect Center, Pop-up shop, Kingston upon Hull, GB
Displayed at the Prospect Center Pop-up shop on the 15th – 17th May.

Hull Civic Society


3D Modeling


Autodesk 3Ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, Modo, UE4, Autodesk CAD, Google SketchUp, UDK3, Unity 4, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Flash, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Marmoset Tool Bag 2, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access, Audacity, Bitmap2material 3, Crazy Bump, RPG Maker, Ban saw, Laser cutter, Sandblaster, Belt Sander, Lathe, Vacuum Former, Spot Welders, Resin Casting, Hot Wire Cutter, Disc Sander, Buffer Wheal, Pillar Drill, Scroll Saw, Table Saw